How do Dolphins Squeak? How does a Football Referee’s Whistle Work? And Why do Giraffes have Such Long Necks?


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Squeak, squeak, whistle, whistle! Welcome to a noisy 18th episode of Everything Under the Sun.

This week we answer three questions from Alyssa, Walter and Matilda. They are:

How do Dolphins Squeak? How does a Football Referee’s Whistle Work? And Why do Giraffes have Such Long Necks?

Find out all about how dolphins use their foreheads to squeak with Travis, who studies dolphins at the Natural History Museum, in London and so knows all about dolphins! Discover how dolphins can do impressions of each other, how they use sea sponges on their noses when they’re out looking for food and why their skin is so smooth.

Work out how referee’s whistles work with Alex Bellos, co-author of Football School, a series of books that explain the world through football. Find out how you can win a signed copy of Alex’s book on this week’s show. A clue is, what do people do when they score a GOAL?!

Finally hear all about giraffes necks, how they use them to fight with and why they’re so long, plus the horns on their head and why they have really thick skin on their legs, like tights! Oh and why is a giraffes tongue so long, and black, and what special substance covers it to protect it from thorns?

A huge thank you to Travis from the Natural History Museum, to Alex Bellos for his answer about football referee’s whistles and the copy of his book The Football School and to Alyssa, Walter and Matilda for this week’s questions.

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