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Welcome to this week's sunny episode of Everything Under The Sun. This week I'm at the Science Museum in London to answer your questions about The Sun, with the help of Harry and Amy, both curators at the museum involved with their current exhibition The Sun - Living with Our Closest Star. This week's questions are from Sophia, Romilly and Alice and they are:

Why is the Sun so Bright? Why will the Sun turn into a Big Red Giant? And Why is the Sun Orange?

Tune in to find out what the sun is made of, how big and far away the sun is, and how it creates light that travels to us on earth to help plants to grow, keep us warm and create solar energy. You will learn about Cecelia Payne who discovered the sun is made of different elements to the earth, what will happen to the sun in billions of years time and what colour the sun really is.

Also find out how you can win tickets to go to see The Sun exhibition at the Science Museum for all your family!

Plus find out about my new book coming out on 7th Feb called Natural Wonders of the World.

With thanks to Science Museum, Tyler Simmons Dale, Sophia, Romilly and Alice.

To find out about my new book Natural Wonders of the World go to or you can preorder it here:

Thank you! Enjoy the episode all about our closest star! The Sun!

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