What is the Biggest Tree in the World? How Much Water is in an Apple? How many Bunnies are there in the World? Featuring Roberto, from the Natural History Museum


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This week we have three questions from Rob, Alex and Violet. They would like to know: what the biggest tree in the world? How much water is in an apple? How many bunnies are there in the world?

Find out about the biggest tree in the world, called General Sherman, which I wrote about in my book, Natural Wonders of the World. I read an extract from the book about the ancient, giant trees in this week’s show. The trees grew on earth at the same time as dinosaurs roamed the earth. Find out how many people would have to join arms around the tree to circle the tree and how the giant forest in which the tree grows is affected by climate change.

Discover how much water is in an apple, an orange and a cucumber. Find out about an experiment you can do to work out how much water is in an apple. Plus how much water do you think it takes to power Apple’s computers, iphones, shops and data centres? Find out how many apples you could grow by using the water that Apple devices and shops use in a year. Plus where apples first came from and how apple trees grow.

To answer Violet’s question about bunnies I have Roberto, a curator of mammals at the Natural History Museum in London. He’s one of the top experts in the world about mammals and so is the best person to tell us all about bunnies – the numbers of bunnies and the number of species in the world! Plus discover the species of bunny that is so shy there is no language for it in the local language because no one has ever seen it.

Enjoy the show!

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