Why do we Fart? Where for Tornados come from? Why do Nettles sting and how?


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Ray, Maya and Amelia are our question askers this week and Chris Chittick - a storm chaser and host of the TV show Tornado Chasers - is our expert!

Ray would like to know, why we fart? Find out why humans can’t help farting sometimes and what they’re made up of. Ever wondered whether other animals fart? Find out whether millipedes do, whether dinosaurs did and about whale farts, as well as why sloths are the only mammals that don’t fart and how they get rid of gas inside their bodies by breathing out instead. Find out why cows are in such trouble for farting and how to stop them doing so many farts by using garlic. Plus why you might find yourself pressing a button that says “I Fart” in Denmark.

Maya’s question is about tornados, she’s been reading The Wizard of Oz and wants to know where a tornado comes from. To answer her question we have Chris Chittick – he is a storm chaser and host of the hit TV show Tornado Hunters. He tells us getting a good storm system, which creates a tornado is a bit like baking a cake. He also talks about how he uses supercomputers to find storms to chase and take photographs of.

Amelia would like to know how nettles sting and what they sting with - so find out how they sting and what creatures like to eat them, and about the World Nettle Eating Championships on this week’s show.

Also hear who won tickets to the Natural History Museum’s show Life In the Dark and will be going to the show with all their family!

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Does it Fart? by Nick Caruso and Danni Rabbaiotti


And Chris Chittick has a great website here: www.tornadohunter.com

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