Why Do We Taste Differently When We Have a Cold? With Heston Blumenthal. Why Do We Get Garlic Breath? And How Do Falcons Catch their Prey?


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Yum, yum, yum! This tasty episode of Everything Under The Sun has three delicious questions.

Why do we taste differently when we have a cold? This is our first question, from Sanem, and it is brilliantly answered by top chef Heston Blumenthal who knows everything there is to know about how our sense of smell affects our sense of taste. He tells us about an experiment to do with a piece of apple to find out how having a cold affects the way we taste our food.

Secondly Charlie would like to know why we get garlic breath not noodle breath or apple breath? Find out how garlic goes into our bloodstream and make our whole body smell as well as how we can get rid of it and what things to eat to combat bad breath and eat healthily.

Our third question comes from Leo and he would like to know how falcons catch their prey? Find out all about these incredible hunters, the fastest bird in the world and how falcons have influenced jet engine design thanks to special things in their noses called baffles!

You'll also hear lots of brilliant squawking parrots who entered the competition to win a copy of my new book, Natural Wonders of The World, out on 7th February in all good bookshops, and available online too!

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Plus there's another chance to win a copy of Natural Wonders of the World this week, - just tune into the podcast to find out what the competition is! Here's a clue - it involves baby dinosaurs.

I hope you enjoy the show and have fun trying out Heston's experiment this weekend.

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