Why on Some Days do we Remember Dreams but Not on Other Days? Where do Gorillas Sleep At Night? How do we Sleep Walk?


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Hello and welcome to the 17th episode of Everything Under the Sun, a weekly podcast answering all the most pressing questions children around the world have about life on earth. Today we have three questions about sleeping and dreaming!

Our first question is from Millen - he wants to know about dreams!

His question is “Why on some days do we remember dreams but not on other days?”

To answer the question I asked the help of Philippa Perry, she’s a psychotherapist who spends lots of time listening to people’s dreams – she tells us about why we remember some dreams and not others and why we might dream the same dream over and over again.

Next up is Tommi, he wants to know “Where do Gorillas Sleep At Night?” We talk all about gorilla nests, how gorillas build them out of leaves and branches, gorilla ‘bunk beds’ up high in the trees and the patterns in which they sleep!

Then it’s time for Daisy who would like to know “How do we Sleep Walk?” We talk about how sleepwalking happens and the kinds of things that might cause it, and we reassure children that it’s quite normal and children usually grow out of it.

Big thanks to Millen, Tommi and Daisy for this week’s questions and Philippa Perry for her answer about dreams.

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I’ll be back next week answering more questions from children around the world in another episode of EUTS.

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