Individualized Alzheimer's Prevention is (just now) Evidence Based with Richard Isaacson


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As our listeners know I get particularly excited about having certain guests on this show. This episode is one of those guests! I have been after Dr Richard Isaacson for over a year now and I had to make a special trip to NYC to go bang on his door to get his attention here...but the reason I am so excited is because the kind of work that Richard is doing is truly pioneering in the Alzheimer's community and his recently published paper. We'll talk about this in great detail, but by way of introduction. Dr Richard Isaacson finished both his undergraduate degree as well as medical school in just 6 years. Completed his neurology residency at Beth Israel Deaconess/Harvard Medical School and now serves as the Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell in New York City. Finally, and perhaps most important, he and his wife just welcomed their first child into this world....congratulations and Welcome to the show, Dr Isaacson! This is a great episode where we discuss a first-of-its-kind (prospective design) paper showing that early interventions work to prevent Alzheimer's and treat early symptoms. An episode not to be missed. A deep discussion of the research and some of the controversies surrounding Alzheimer's research.

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