Are We Bashing Jehovah’s Witnesses


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This podcast discusses the question whether or not we are bashing the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Daniel sent a link to one of our videos to his aunt Carolyn to help her to appreciate some of our online activism and to his surprise it met with opposition. She wanted to know why he was bashing the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Understandably, to outsiders and individuals that do not understand what goes on behind the scenes in the Jehovah’s Witness religion, they may quickly begin to reason that our activism is nothing more than an all-out attack against a group of people that have done no harm to anyone. However, if that were the case, then we would not feel the need to bring to the light many things about this religion that individuals need to learn about.

In fact, just recently, there was a triple murder suicide by a Jehovah’s Witness that was under extreme stress due to the effects of the Jehovah’s Witness shunning policy. To read more about the story, I’ve included a link below.

Friends: Jehovah’s Witnesses shunning drove Keego Harbor mom to murder-suicide

We also feature a snippet from Dayna Elizabeth, a young Jehovah’s Witness that found herself homeless. To see the entire story, visit her YouTube channel

This religion inflicts pain on families, have put their lives in danger based on their unscriptural policies related to not taking blood transfusions, organ transplants (they have since changed the rules on this, but think of the countless individuals that died when the rule was in effect), allowed their members to be imprisoned for refusing alternative service jobs during wartime (in some countries individuals are still serving prison sentences). They have also caused much harm to women and children for not calling the police for domestic violence and child molestation cases. Instead, they ruled to handle such cases in house as a result of not bringing any reproach against the organization. Countless individuals have suffered needlessly, and their lives will never be the same.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses also discourage individuals from seeking higher education and put them under constant fear, obligation and guilt as a means to make them do more for the organization. They use scare tactics to discourage their members from leaving the organization thereby not allowing those that remain faithful to the group to shun all that leave. As a result, people have been cut off from mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and grandchildren have been barred from seeing their grandparents. We know individuals that have not spoken to their family in 30+ years.

We ask that you decide whether or not our YouTube channel is bashing the Jehovah’s Witnesses because we are raising public awareness about the group.

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