Plan Your Escape Prior to Leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses


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6In this podcast, Lady Cee interviews Pat, an ex-Jehovah’s Witness that left the organization in 1995. Pat realizes there are many things that she did wrong prior to leaving. In this podcast, she shares a wealth of knowledge that can help others to avoid the pitfalls she endured during her own departure from the organization.

Exit Strategy Tips for those individuals that are Physically In Mentally Out (PIMOs)

  • Friends – Start making non-JW friends, contact non-JW relatives if need be create a secondary account on social media and e-Mail
  • Mental Health – Find a therapist that specializes in cults. Join
    Ex-JW Facebook groups and Ex-JW Meet-ups in your city
  • Set Goals – Create a bucket list of stuff you couldn’t do as a JW but are free to do now and get them done
  • Productive Use of Time – Use the time you spent at Kingdom Hall or preaching doing something productive such as college, a second job, a hobby, exercise, etc.
  • Emergency Planning – Have a Plan A and Plan B for various emergencies including medical, housing, employment, food, etc. Who could you contact in an emergency if your family is shunning you?
  • Figure out whatever gives you a sense of purpose and meaning in life and do those things – volunteer, activism, advocate, child sponsorship

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