Struggles of Jehovah’s Witness Women – Daniel Interviews Lady Cee


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Lady Cee takes a back seat to hosting the show the Struggles of Jehovah’s Witness women and speaks with Daniel about some of the things she has experienced as a Jehovah’s Witness Woman. While this discussion only touches the tip of the iceberg of issues she’s encountered, it’s definitely a start to helping women to gain confidence to break out of their mold of allowing others to think for them.

Women in the congregation are not encouraged to do much thinking on their own. And because this is the culture, they tend to second guess themselves on many fronts. As Lady Cee points out, a lot of sisters tend to call on the brothers to answer mundane questions such as whether or not they can participate in functions on their job.

After Lady Cee and Daniel complete their discussion, she and JT have a follow up conversation talking about more examples of how women are not encouraged to think. Lady Cee recalls how a sister in the congregation refused to participate in a class action lawsuit unless she checks with the brothers first. She understood the Society’s admonition not to take your brothers to court. All she heard was lawsuit and then her mind simply shutdown. This is a sad example of women not learning how to think on their own and understand the differences between a class action lawsuit and an issue where you actually are taking a brother or sister to court. The sister never developed critical thinking skills.

In another example, Lady Cee recalls talking with a sister that put so much confidence in a brother in the congregation, that she had him doing her accounting for her business. Unfortunately, she was not taking the allowed write offs for her business because the brother, although a good man, was not an accountant. This is a perfect example of how the sisters in the congregation give the brothers too much power over their lives to the point where they are involved in aspects of their lives that should be handled by professionals.

The video concludes with an advertisement of the Struggles of Jehovah’s Witness Women where Lady Cee is discussing what the show is all about and how women can come together to share their experiences to help one another. It is also a call to action for other women to reach out and share their experience on this platform.

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