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Simon Southerton, Ph.D.: "Losing a Lost Race: From Radishes to DNA and Outer Darkness". Simon G. Southerton is an Australian plant geneticist. Southerton published the book Losing a Lost Tribe: Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church. The book uses genetic evidence to examine the historical accuracy of the Book of Mormon and related claims about the Lamanite people. Southerton was a member of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon Church), having converted to the church at age 10. As an adult, he was a Mormon missionary in Melbourne and a bishop in Australia. Because of his inability to reconcile church teachings with science, Southerton resigned as a bishop in 1998 and left the church. However, after Southerton's book was published, the church formally and ridiculously charged him with adultery. If he hadn't written the book, there never would've been a court. In an email sent to the Associated Press following his excommunication from the LDS Church, Southerton stated he was excommunicated for being too vocal regarding the results of the Genomics Project DNA. However, those who attended Southerton's church disciplinary council(Kangaroo Court with a pre-determined outcome, like they always are!) contended that the excommunication had nothing to do with the book, which is an outright lie and everyone knows it, including & especially those in the court that day & the big 15 Prophets and Apostles in Salt Lake City, who clearly order these courts! Southerton now acknowledges that he was officially excommunicated for adultery, but maintains that the charge of adultery was used as an excuse, because the church wanted to discipline him for the book, but avoid charging him with apostasy. In fact, he was told that if he even mentioned his book or DNA evidence in his court, that the court would abruptly end, since they were going after him for adultery. To purchase "Losing A Lost Tribe", please visit here: You can also listen to Simon on the Mormon Stories podcast here: Simons's blog: Here is the Daniel C. Peterson and John Butler interview(audio & transcript) with Hugh Hewitt, where they talk about DNA & call out Simon Southerton, followed by Simon's response to John Butler's FARMS comments about him & his book:

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