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Ambassador Robert O'Brien
Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
The National Security Advisor
Sanctions for China? A red line in the South China Sea? A US response to Chinese designs on Taiwan? National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien joins the podcast to discuss all these matters and today's state visit from Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Roger Stone
Former adviser to President Trump
Just six days away from having to begin his 40-month prison sentence Roger Stone joins Larry O'Connor to react to Facebook shutting down his social media pages and to ask for mercy and clemency from President Trump.

Hugo Gurdon
Editor-in-chief of the Washington Examiner
"The revolution must be beaten; do the math" is Hugo Gurdon's latest column at Washington Examiner and he joins Larry O'Connor to discuss the high stakes involved in this year's presidential election and the true intent behind the upheaval playing out in America's streets.

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