Ep. 24 - Start with Why


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Simon Sinek wrote the book "Start with Why." It discusses businesses and advertising and how the proper use of "the Golden Circle" makes all the difference. If you can learn the same strategy and apply it in your daily tasks and goals, you too can see incredible differences in your achievements. We often work from the outside in: WHAT do I want to happen? Then we decide: HOW can I make that happen? But we rarely spend time considering the most important question of all: WHY is any of this important to me? When if we Start with Why, we can let action grow out of passion. And that produces the most astounding and consistent results! To learn how to find your Why and see where that can go, check out today's Excel Still More episode.
- How can Simon Sinek's book "Start with Why" help you reach your goals?
- Why do people who know what they want often times comes short of it?
- How does the Golden Circle help us see goal achievement in a new way?
- How do you find your passion and then use that passion to do great things?
- What are the limits to your production if you are driven by clear purpose?

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