Ep. 32 - The Wicker Basket


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It is great to set big goals. But beware, they are not what this is about. This is about the process. This is about you becoming the kind of people who can achieve goals. The problems with grading ourselves by goal's reached is 1) if we, for whatever reason, don't reach them, we are crushed. 2) we do reach them and they didn't satisfy or we stop trying afterward. Listen to the story of the boy with the wicker basket today. He wanted to show immediate and tangible results from his labor. But the results weren't there in that way. Instead, something else was happening. Something more important and transformative was happening. He didn't produce a thing. He fundamentally changed a thing. And that is a way bigger reason to press on for growth. Enjoy the process, even more than what you produce, because they process if changing you, and that will make all the difference!
- How to learn from the wicker basket.
- How to be less goal oriented and more process oriented.
- How to find joy in who you become even more than what you produce.
- How to apply the process to faith, fitness, finance and friendships.
- How to get great satisfaction in the journey, not just the destination.

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