Ep. 34 - Forfeit For Freedom


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Everyone is interested in a stress free life. No one wants to live with worry, anxiety and mental exhaustion. There are some great daily practices that can eliminate most worries, and we'll discuss that in the next episode. But first, let's talk about 4 big things that have got to go if we want to see the stress go away. Sometimes there are big ticket stress items that we hang on to, and they foster lots of unnecessary mental strain. So, by forfeiting those pesky things, we can experience freedom in thought and attitude that will change everything!
- How to eliminate unnecessary stress from your life
- How to forfeit all deception from your daily circle
- How to find freedom from stress outside your comfort zone
- How to eliminate the fear of money from your daily concerns
- How to reevaluate your inner circle of friends and shrink worries

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