Ep. 47 - The Priorities Fallacy


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Did you know that the word "priorities" was rarely known or used before 1940? It doesn't really makes sense when you think about it. How can you have most important things? How can there be multiple things that come first. By definition, they wouldn't be most important. Instead, people used the word "Priority." That is, the most important thing. Everything else, no matter how valuable to you, has to fall under the power and leadership of the one singular priority in your life. This may sound hard, since many people and things are important to you. But you can't live your life shuffling the top spot. Life becomes easier and much more peaceful when you overcome the priorities fallacy and live for just One Thing.
- How to eliminate the word "priorities"
- How to set a singular "priority" in your life
- Why "priorities" is a fallacy and self-defeating
- Why elevating one thing above another makes life easier
- How putting Jesus first helps you serve family, self and others better

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