Ep. 5 - Best Month Ever


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What makes something the "best"? I mean, like "the best time," "the best year ever," etc. And similarly, how would you define a day as the "worst" or "a bad day"? It seems like we usually assess value based on what is happening around us and to us. This is exact opposite reasoning. If you want to build a great day, month, or year; or better yet, the BEST day, month or year, you have to find out where that greatness comes from and how it develops. Hint: it has nearly nothing to do with what is happening to you nor what others do around you. If you'd like to know more about my "Best Month Ever" and how it came together, so that you can have one too, check out Episode 5!
- How to be more active and less reactive in your life.
- How to determine happiness by your approach to circumstances out of your control.
- How to build the best month of your life, regardless of what happens to you.
- Why is your inner peace more important that peaceful circumstances?
- What are practical things you can do to have the best month of your life?

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