Ep. 6 - The Marriage Secret


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God made marriage to be awesome! And for most of us, that's exactly how it starts! But you know, things happen after that. Life happens. We used to be inseparable, now sometimes maybe we feel world's apart. I've counseled dozens of couples who were seeking to rekindle what they once had. Consistently, time after time, it always come back to one simple thing that has gone missing: the marriage secret. To learn about some fundamentals that can make that secret work for you, and then to hear it explained in action: check out episode 6!
- How to build a successful marriage.
- How to rekindle closeness in marriage when you are feeling distant.
- How the six ideas in I Peter 3:8-9 will change your life.
- What is Quality Time and why is it so crucial in a healthy marriage?
- What are examples of Quality Time and demonstrations of its help to marriage?

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