Ep. 73 - She Was Gonna


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I heard a powerful story recently. A woman was rich and influential. She had great success in her life. However, there were a few things that she hadn't done. These were things she'd put off and things of great value. As the story was told to me, there were 3 things "she was gonna" do, and soon. Her story is a reminder to us all: if it matters to you, don't wait. You want people talking about what you did after you are gone, not just what you were gonna do. Take a walk through this story with me and then consider answering three questions at the end that could help you change your life while you still can.
- How to come to grips with the brevity of life
- How to influence how people tell your story when you are gone
- What do you know you need to back away from and when will you do it
- Who do you know needs more of your time and when will you give it
- How do you need to connect to God and when is the right time to do it

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