Ep. 77 - Purpose of Education


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"The purpose of education is to know God and make Him known." Do you believe that? I think when it comes to spiritual education, like Bible reading and sermons, we would say so. And there are important applications of this phrase upon how you and I are using the things we learn in study and at a church. But would you say this phrase holds true with schools? Is the purpose of science and english and math: to know God and share Him? Well, it used to be. Schools were founded on this purpose. Things have changed. But we can recapture the purpose of education on a family level! Also, even beyond school we grow in knowledge every day, don't we? Why are you learning new things and how are you using it? Let's do all of this in the God Box, and relate all new growth to His work!
- What is the purpose of education
- How does that purpose live in our spiritual education
- Can we apply this same principle to secular education
- How can we use Science and English as tools to know God and make Him known
- Are you using all new learning to the glory of the name of God. How

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