Ep. 9 - Asking Beautiful Questions


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Little kids ask the most awesome questions! They want to know things, things way beyond their comprehension, and they process the answers to build greater intellect. Sadly, many people stop doing this after the age of about 7. But if we can keep that spirit of wonder, inquisitiveness, and limitless possibilities, we can learn and grow in tremendous ways. More specifically, we can approach God so much better, asking Him big and beautiful things, accessing His limitless power and seeing His incredible answers! If you want to take the limits off your faith and learn how to ask God beautiful questions, I promise you He has some inspiring answers already ready to reveal in your life.
- How to use Warren Berger's "Beautiful Questions" to your spiritual advantage.
- What is a Beautiful Question and how can you use it in your prayer life?
- How to see God as big, really big and reflect that in things you pray for.
- How to start asking God questions that matter, that can change you totally.
- What are some examples of beautiful questions in prayers that you can pray today?

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