EEC 066- Public Relations Does Not Have to Be Difficult


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EEC 066-Public Relations Does Not Have to Be Difficult


  1. How would you define PR?
  2. What should someone do “Today” to get prepared with their PR?
  3. What is SoulFul PR?
  4. What training do you have available to help someone get started in PR?

A: PR is really just about telling stories.

-But where most people go wrong is this: they pitch stories they want to tell rather than stories people want to hear.

-And here’s another thing: the stories people want to hear are often the ones you least want to tell. Which can mean making yourself vulnerable: to other peoples’ opinions and possibly even their criticism.

B: Three things you should do TODAY to get prepared.

1.Create a media calendar (‘on diary’)

2.Set up news alerts (‘off diary’)

3.Get some training

C: She believes every business owner can and should do their own PR

She explains it through her SoulFul PR and in her newly released book, “Your Press Release is Breaking my Heart”

The three principles that underpin Soulful PR (and everything I do in my work) are:

  1. Service
  2. Sincerity
  3. Simplicity

TRAINING: Invest in Yourself

  1. In person
  2. On Line
  3. Tailored For You

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