EEC 090 Reconnecting to our Essence Through Essentials


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EEC 090 Reconnecting to our Essence Through Essentials

Katrina Burrus, PhD, MCC interviews Nadine Fortin, a Strategic Leadership Coach who works with technical experts to help them becoming strategic thinkers.

What is a Strategic Leadership Coaching?

What does “detaching from the external results” imply for coaches?

What does it mean for coaches to go back to essentials?

On what else should coaches and other strategic leaders focus?

Nadine coaches technical experts to become leaders and strategic thinkers in their organizations. She feels that her greatest impact is with women who are in positions of influence with a majority of men coworkers. Women in “non-trad” fields face many challenges and must constantly work to push limits. They need a partner whom they trust completely, who will give a voice to their ideas, their emotions, their ambitions, and most important their aspirations. They need someone like Nadine to bring out the special hue of their leadership. Nadine believes that finding the best coach for you should not be limited to geographical location. Indeed, her clients are on four continents, in large technological organizations and among creative entrepreneurs. Since 2004, Nadine has also trained hundreds of new coaches, and in 2016, she shifted her focus to help credentialed coaches grow. Before becoming a coach, Nadine built a strong expertise in systems engineering and project management on large high-tech multi-organization projects. An active business woman, Nadine also contributes to her community as a Scout leader since 2008. She spent three years as the Treasurer on the board of Le District des Scouts de l’Outaouais. Nadine was recently elected to be on the board of the local Project Management Institute chapter (PMI OVOC).

Excellent Executive Coaching

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