EEC 099 Failure to Leadership Success: SWISS International Airlines


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Failure to Leadership Success: SWISS International Airlines

If Swissair went bankrupt in the past, Swiss International Airlines in Swiss Romand is beginning to thrive with Lorenzo Stoll and stay tuned, it is just the beginning. Dr. Katrina Burrus asked what does he attribute some of his leadership success at Swiss International Airlines with the following questions:

What is one trait he possesses that makes him an effective leader at Swiss? How does he overcome challenges?

What routine does he attribute his success at Swiss International Airlines? How does he relieve his stress? What is one piece of advice he would give to a younger version of himself? For you, Lorenzo Stoll shares his biggest failure and his biggest passion.

Lorenzo Stoll, born 1971, has joined SWISS in October 2013. Holding a diploma of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, he did start his career working in the tourism and leisure industry at the Montreux-Vevey Tourism Office.

Lorenzo Stoll comes to SWISS from the Nestlé organization, where he has held various executive functions with a strong focus on customer and marketing affairs over the past 12 years. In 2007, he assumed responsibility for the global sales of Nestlé Waters, and two years later he was appointed Chief Commercial Officer of Nestlé Waters Switzerland.

As SWISS’ Head of Western Switzerland, he is in charge of all aspects of SWISS’ business unit in Geneva and stay tuned for the changes that will be happening at SWISS. Lorenzo Stoll was asked what trait of his he attributes to making him an effective leader. How he challenges himself to overcome resistances? What routine does he attribute his success? How does he relieve stress? What advice would he give to a younger version of himself? What was his biggest failure? How can we get the cheapest flights at Swiss?

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