Supporting Independence in Young Adults with Disabilities


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Having worries about your child’s future is a natural part of parenthood. But for parents raising a child with an intellectual or developmental disability, life can present a larger-than-average number of unanswered questions:
Will my child be able to learn the skills needed to live independently?
Will s/he be able to find (and keep) a job?
Will s/ he find enjoyable ways of offering her gifts to the larger community?
Will s/he be okay someday when I’m no longer here?
In this episode of the Exceptional Parenting Podcast, host Stefanie Boucher speaks with Waverly Ann Harris, CEO of Friends Life Community, about the things parents can do at all ages and stages to support their child’s independence and community engagement. You’ll learn:
-Which barriers families commonly face and how to navigate them
-How working with a job coach may be beneficial for your child
-How to resolve conflicts with independence-seeking kids
-How and where to look for support for you and your child
About Our Guest:
Waverly Ann Harris, M.S. Ed. is the CEO at Friends Life Community, a nonprofit that provides opportunities for teenagers and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Nashville, Tennessee, through three main program areas: service learning and employment, life skills, and advocacy through the arts.
Waverly Ann has diverse nonprofit experience, both nationally and internationally, in human services. With a master’s degree from Lipscomb University in Applied Behavior Analysis, Waverly Ann has consulted with families and companies to design systems that promote inclusion, decrease dependency, increase innovation, and change culture around disability services.

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