How to Build Credibility Online - In Just 7 Minutes with Manuj Aggarwal


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According to my guest this week on the Exhausted to Extraordinary Podcast, Manuj Aggarwal, the biggest challenge professionals face today is understanding other people. This is especially challenging if you try to communicate with folks from industries unrelated to yours. But being able to understand others is how you can build your credibility, especially online.


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Do you feel frustrated when others don’t understand you?

Does your message get lost in translation?

If so, this can lead to lost business.

To better understand others and have them understand you, you need a guide. Manuj Aggarwal provides a glimpse of what it takes to build credibility with others online and provides a free resource to help you take the next step.

Manuj is an entrepreneur, investor, author and podcast host of Bootstrapping Your Dreams. This is an appropriate title and in a bit you’ll hear why. Manuj started his career at the age of 15, working in a factory for twelve hours a day, six days a week, earning a cool $2 per day.

While Manuj had no contacts or resources, he was determined to improve his life. With hard work, his insatiable curiosity to learn new concepts - he continued to make stellar progress professionally while his personal life suffered. He was on the verge of divorce and losing his kids.

This prompted him to go on an arduous personal journey to find the solutions to life’s endless problems.

Today Manuj has over 150k students across the globe which include entrepreneurs, executives, CEOs and he’s helping them turn their $2 a day into a boardroom of a 500 Fortune Company. Even in a socially distanced economy.

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