How to Tap into the Power of Your Aura - In Just 7 Minutes with Dr. Sandra Camacho Schur


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Do you do things and wonder why you do them? If so, it could be your programming and according to Dr. Sandra, this is exactly what leads you to avoid listening to YOUR needs while focusing on everyone else.



When you have certain programming, it is hard to make changes. And it’s nearly impossible to overcome those programs with your conscious mind. That said, auric reading is a tool that can dive into your subconscious and provide you with insight into what’s going on under the surface that’s running the show.

Auric field consultant, Sr. Sandra Camacho Schur, uses her skill of reading the human aura to help purpose driven entrepreneurs. As the founder and owner of Aura Power, she has worked with numerous clients from across multiple industries to achieve newfound clarity, align with their deeper purpose, and create more success and fulfillment. By reading her clients auras, she has helped many see their lives and businesses in a different light which is more aligned with their soul. Having developed this skill in private practice as a chiropractor, she now uses these gifts to help her clients break-through subconscious blocks, creating more success in their lives and their business.

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