Stalin’s Cannibal Island


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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about horror movies, the upcoming Halloween season and what they have been up to lately. Then, a man in Burlington County New Jersey claims he witnessed a baby Bigfoot when he was driving his truck in June of 2019. At first the witness claims he at first thought it was a giant ground hog, but then it stood up. Then, a person and a couple of friends were hanging out one night on a levee near Stockton, California when they witnesses some very strange lights in the sky. The next morning they were awoken by the ringing of their doorbell. Outside the door was standing what appeared to be a Man In Black.

After the break Kyle brings up the horrible story of Stalin’s Cannibal Island. Eighty-six years ago in May, a small flotilla of lumber barges pulled up to Nazino Island and off-loaded about 3,000 “settlers” with orders to construct a “special settlement,” as their little corner of Stalin’s GULAG – the network of labor camps that spread across the Soviet Union where millions of people were repressed and killed — was euphemistically called. At least 23 of the prisoners were already dead. Without tools or shelter or food and surrounded by armed guards who shot anyone who tried to brave the icy river, the prisoners quickly fell victim to starvation, disease, violence, and the brutal elements. And still, additional barges continued to pull up at the island. Numerous gruesome incidents of cannibalism were reported. So many, in fact, that locals came to call it Cannibal Island or the Island of Death. By August, at least 4,000 people were dead or missing. According to a Soviet document dated August 20, 1933, there were only 2,200 survivors out of the 6,700 prisoners who had been sent to Nazino, a low-lying, swampy strip some 3 kilometers long and about 600 meters wide. Out of the 6,700 prisoners sent to Nazino Island only 2,200 survived.

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

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