Ep. 55 - Ask Lacy and Lila Anything in This Special Anniversary Episode


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“It’s so about owning who you are entirely, and dating yourself which can be hard.” - Lacy

“They often say in astrology, when your chart is mostly air and fire, you’re a totally open book. When it’s earth and water, you’re usually incredibly private.” - Lacy

“My new commitment to myself is to commit to every decision I make, and understand that making a decision doesn’t mean that I’m locked into whatever I’ve decided on. It just means that now I can move forward so that more things can come through.” - Lila

Summary Paragraph: In this special one year anniversary, Lacy and Lila answer your questions! Recorded at the retreat house, they answer questions about their own manifestations, skin care, their different upbringings, as well as sharing their chart astrology charts. There are also several links and resources mentioned throughout the show. Thank you for one year of this wonderful community!

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Sleep habits and how they differ between projectors and manifesting generators or generators
  • Suspending your heels to enhance naps
  • Lila’s motivation to manifest a famous partner and how this served as a mirror
  • When manifesting, it’s important to get down to the core essence of your list
  • How Lacy grew her business as a projector, and the highs and lows that came with it
  • Lacy and Lila’s skin care routines
  • Grocery shopping as an intuitive eater/listening to your body to guide your meals
  • How often Lacy spends time with her boyfriend Max
  • How Lila finds happiness being single by reframing alone time
  • How Lacy and Max manifested their puppy
  • Lacy’s journey from teaching to bridge jobs to manifesting TBM
  • Where Lila grew up and growing up RIE
  • Where Lacy grew up and her country upbringing
  • Lacy and Lila’s openness with their mothers
  • Lila’s commitment epiphany
  • Lacy’s chart: Sun: Aquarius, Moon: Capricorn, Mercury: Aquarius, Venus: Aries, Mars: Aries, Jupiter: Aquarius, Saturn: Scorpio, Uranus: Sagitarius, Neptune: Capricorn, Pluto: Scorpio, Lilith: Aries, North Note: Taurus, Rising Houses: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer
  • Lila’s chart: Rising Sun: Sagitarius, Sun: Capricorn, Moon (2nd): Aquarius, Mars, Neptune, Venus, Uranus, and Mercury (2nd): all in Capricorn, Saturn (3rd): Aquarius, Jupiter (11th) and Pluto (12th): Scorpio


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