Ep. 59 - Finding Joy Exactly Where You Are with Garance Doré


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“I think the creative side of me just expressed itself wherever it could.” - Garance

“I think what we should do in life is learn, life is not a postcard. It’s about learning to enjoy what we have when we have it.” - Garance

“I gave myself a year to make it as an illustrator, which is completely dumb. Of course, after a year I was nowhere, but I was happy. So I was like, don’t let go.” - Garance

Today’s guest is a self-started entrepreneur and truly free spirit. Garance Doré is a Corsican native, and she’s on the show to share a vulnerable and honest reflection about being single & 40, and the journey she’s taken to get where she is today. We talk about what it means to pivot your career each time your soul craves it and navigating life with grace, humility, and openness. Garance is a wonderful expander for any woman who wants to walk fearlessly to the beat of their own drum, and how magical it is to be right where you are.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • The incredibly important job of parenting
  • Highlights from Lacy’s weekend away at the Retreat House
  • Upcoming trip to the Highlands
  • Garance’s cultural upbringing in Corsica
  • The traits of her mother and father that influenced her childhood
  • Garance’s Taurus sun and Virgo rising
  • Her artistic (visual and musical) background as a way to communicate and connect
  • The dichotomy of wanting children to be artistic but not for a career
  • The struggle of carving our own path but wanting to please others (especially parents)
  • The struggle of deciding what we want to do in our 20’s
  • Garance’s journey during her early 20’s to get to the starting point of her career, and her move to the South of France
  • Some of Garance’s odd jobs that help put her through her studies
  • Struggle with anxiety and depression during these explorative years
  • At age 27, Garance pivoted to be an illustrator; after a year she wasn’t successful, but she was happy
  • Listening to signs of interest and peace, embracing the feeling of knowing
  • Enmeshment with her mom’s sphere of influence and how that affected her work
  • Humility surrounding who we are and where we are
  • Her success came from wanting to prove her mom wrong
  • Garance’s will to push past her own boundaries
  • How we can consciously push ourselves out of our condition
  • How she pivoted from illustrating to her blog, and how that blog transformed
  • When she let go of illustrating to focus on writing, she got illustrating jobs
  • How Garance responded to the ping to change and decide on a new career path
  • Garance’s own first expanders
  • Her recent silent retreat experience
  • Unexpected epiphanies and how they appear for Garance; she has to really process them
  • Differences in social constructs between the US and France
  • How Garance found deep feelings of who she is as a person at a young age
  • Surface level insecurity versus deep level security and confidence
  • Learning to enjoy what we have when we have it; identifying the best way to live our lives at any age
  • Not worry about “what we are” or arriving somewhere, but focusing on moving in the right direction
  • The deeper you go, the more you realize that there are no rules, no time and space, and everything is a personal experience
  • The bounty Garance has experienced being single and 40
  • The walls Garance has hit in dating, including infertility
  • The importance of sharing the truth of our experiences with other women
  • How her past relationship experiences have influenced her current thoughts on dating
  • Cultural differences in dating between the US and France
  • It is okay to be single and take time to be with yourself
  • Growing her business from being a solo blogger to building her team
  • Relationship with ourselves is the power center of our lives
  • How we manifest when we don’t know exactly what we want
  • One of the most important parts of developing her career was to prove to her mom she was worthy
  • Go with the flow in business — do your thing in the best way and don’t predict the future too much
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes in your creative process
  • Pressure in society to become an entrepreneur
  • Time is the ultimate currency, and there will never be enough
  • Take time to check in with yourself and process events around you
  • Garance’s 5 tools for self-care: meditation, putting oil on her skin, just taking time to think and dream, talking with friends (community), journaling
  • The manifestations Garance is calling in are peace and happiness, beautiful times with family and friends
  • In her work, it’s the sense of being engaged in flow, wherever it comes from


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