Ep. 63 - The Process with Holly Madison on Manifesting her Relationships and Career


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“It’s weird because when I look back on people that I might consider the biggest villains in my life, they’re also the biggest expanders.” - Holly

Today’s guest is former Playboy Bunny Holly Madison. In this episode, she joins Lacy to talk about her experience manifesting in love and career. She also speaks to her transformation during the years she was at the mansion, as well as her expansive experiences after leaving. The two also discuss finding self-worth, stepping into authenticity, and establishing boundaries for yourself.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Updates on Lacy’s health
  • Reinforcing mindfulness
  • Holly’s cultural background and upbringing in rural Alaska
  • The culture shock moving to Oregon and how that shocked her into inauthenticity
  • Holly’s introduction to Lacy’s work and where she was in life when she started
  • How she got through the work in times when she wasn’t finding expanders
  • Holly’s Astrology chart and human design
  • Aligning with your authenticity while you’re manifesting
  • Her manifestation journey with her current relationship
  • Things she learned and used to grow from the time at the mansion and being in Vegas
  • Being authentic and sticking to your boundaries
  • How having children can affect your magnetism and manifestation
  • The manifestation and downloads around the birth of her children
  • How Holly receives her pings
  • Spiritual practices and how they have opened up her gifts
  • Her work with the reparent and shadow workshops
  • Working through shadow words
  • Habits and traits around communication and clear boundaries
  • Magic dark versus being in a rut
  • How Holly co-parents
  • Trolls as an indication of shadow
  • The formative years for Holly at the mansion and with Hugh
  • How signs show up in depression for Holly
  • Finding self-worth in the mansion
  • Empowering yourself with finances
  • Budget tips
  • Lessons learned from the free road map
  • What she is doing now to step into her worth
  • Tips for people doing the work: don’t slack on the journaling
  • How Holly finds time to do the work




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