Ep. 64 - Facing Tests and Arriving at Worthiness with Alexi Wasser


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“When I would grow my self-worth, things I wanted started to show up.” - Lacy

“The Universe loves any time you break past old self-worth or get away from things that are making you settle from your worth. That means you’re starting to align closer to your authentic, powerful self, and that is pure magnetism.” - Lacy

Lacy got the ping to share an episode of a previously recorded podcast with writer, director and actress, Alexi Wasser. In this episode from the Love, Alexi podcast, Lacy shares the core of her manifestation work, and how you can apply that in your life. Alexi opens up about facing tests, running into the fire and listening to the universe.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Lacy’s travels to Scotland
  • True worthiness vs ego
  • Alexi being an Expander for Lacy to create a blog
  • Alexi’s astrology chart
  • What different aspects of our charts indicate
  • Lacy’s background moving from Mariposa to LA
  • How Lacy got started in manifestation at age 17
  • The shift from think-positive rhetoric to actually manifesting things
  • Coming onto the earth as our most authentic selves
  • The things we weren’t loved, fed or nurtured for become part of our shadow
  • Parenting from a place of non-projection
  • Self-worth equating to manifesting what you want
  • Trying to be something that you’re not
  • How rock bottoms can help us to expand our threshold of trust
  • Traumabonding
  • Alexi’s childhood experience with over-sexualization and how this manifested in her relationships
  • How we grow self-worth to align with what we’re calling in
  • How when we choose things that aren’t serving us, we continue to communicate to the Universe that we don’t deserve what we want (these are tests)
  • Tests Alexi has passed in relationship
  • Finding Expanders to show our subconscious that what we want exists and is possible
  • How to manifest your partner
  • Finding Expanders on TV
  • Shadow selves vs. authentic selves
  • The importance of supporting yourself while doing the work
  • The connected block between money/career and relationship
  • Alexi’s experience being magnetic in her acting career
  • Getting to a place of truth where we’re not doing anything out of fear or self-consciousness
  • If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a no
  • Saying no and “jumping off a cliffs” to create the most situational magnetism
  • The Universe loving when we break past old self-worth
  • How ego can get in the way
  • Manifesting children
  • Cosmetic surgery and why we feel we need to have it
  • How Lacy recommends working through the courses
  • Being cognizant of where you’re coming from when you post on social media
  • What we don’t own, own us, and can cause us to deflect with ego


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