Automatic Pattern Interruption with Dr. Bob Levine


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Most physicians go into the right orientation wanting to help people and make contribution to the world and just make a decent living. However, it’s hard for them to do that because their main tool is pharmacology. When Dr. Bob Levine had back and hip pain back in 1994, he started exploring alternative therapies. He got into holistic health because conventional care couldn’t help him with his back and hip problems. Dr. Levine shares how he got his first glimpse of automatic pattern interruption back in the 1980s during a fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Zurich. He’s been doing a lot of work with it ever since. Dr. Levine explains that with automatic pattern interruption, they’re trying to interrupt people’s automatic patterns that are driven by the subconscious to keep them locked into a result that they don’t want, like chronic pain, sleep disturbance, anxiety, fatigue, and depression. Dr. Levine goes in-depth about the topic and shares that it’s all about mind-brain connection reeducation because it takes the conscious mind to direct the brain.

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