Don’t Be A Pig with Devon Lévesque


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People are becoming more and more fascinated about health and fitness, which is a great time for entrepreneurs who are also fitness enthusiasts to venture on. This is where former athlete Devon Lévesquefound a place for his passion and purpose to fit in. His business “Don’t Be A Pig” is such a hit to health buffs. He shares how “Don’t Be A Pig” is such a stand out, assuring everyone the sense of hospitality of the trainers as well as their in-depth understanding of what has to be worked on. Devon has also been in the food industry which gave him another niche in the business. He prepares a variety of special meals at a very reasonable cost that is appropriate to the kind of wellness that the client want. He shares his story about how he came up with all these and how it’s far more extra special than other fitness centers.

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