Institute For Human Potential With Dr. David Ridos


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We live our lives through our nerve system. Dr. David Ridos of Scandinavia’s Institute for Human Potential is fully committed to delivering a five-star service in chiropractic. The Institute for Human Potential, a 360-degree clinic is the new standard of chiropractic and wellness care, built upon the original philosophy of chiropractic according to Dr. D.D. Palmer and Dr. B.J. Palmer. The Institute addresses trauma and toxins by checking the spinal column for subluxation, and then adjusting it to restore proper neurological flow between brain and body, and body and brain. Dr. Ridos has an extremely inspirational story and shares with us some pointers to help find your passion in life. He has done several mission trips all around the world, spreading the chiropractic message, and is extremely good at what he does and he’s always.

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