EP072: Eliminating, Expiring, and Understanding!


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Learn about one of the biggest annoyances in air travel, treating your most loyal customers poorly, and the importance of learning all you can about your customers.

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode: • Consider How You’re Treating Your “Middle Seat” - on airlines, the middle seat is the worst customer experience. How are you using creativity and technology to enhance the “middle seat” experience in your business? • Expiring Customer Loyalty Rewards Doesn't Feel Very Loyal to the Customer - are your loyalty programs governed by archaic, non-customer-centric rules? If so, does that feel like loyalty to your customers? • Does Your Organization Apply “Customer Understanding" - learn how to use listening, characterizing, and empathizing to build customer experience Start the Conversation: Have we fully explored the role bots play in our customer interactions?

Are You Looking for Things We Referenced? "Airlines are Finally Fixing the Middle Seat" - by Mark Wilson, featured at FastCompany.com

When Loyalty Rewards Expire, So Does a Customer’s Loyalty” - by Dan Gingiss, featured atForbes.com

Customer Understanding - by Annette Franz

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