Death with Dignity - Sufjan Stevens ✦✦✦ (Meaning & Lyrics Explained)


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Now, let's learn some English with music as I explain the lyrics and meaning of the song "Death with Dignity" by Sufjan Stevens.

Lyrics Difficulty: ✦✦✦


(00:23) Why I chose this song; dark music; Sufjan Stevens

(00:47) Introduction to "Death with Dignity"

(02:12) Notes on advanced explanation; music and transcript available at


(06:00) Spirit of my silence I can hear you but I'm afraid to be near you

(07:13) And I don't know where to begin


(07:45) Somewhere in the desert there's a forest and an acre before us

(09:01) But I don't know where to begin

(09:15) Again I've lost my strength completely. Oh be near me tired old mare with the wind in your hair


(10:54) Amethyst and flowers on the table. Is it real or a fable?

(12:57) Well I suppose a friend is a friend and we all know how this will end


(14:04) Chimney swift that finds me be my keeper

(15:22) Silhouette of the cedar

(15:58) What is that song you sing for the dead?

(16:34) I see the signal searchlight strike me in the window of my room. Well I got nothin' to prove


(18:29) I forgive you mother. I can hear you and I long to be near you

(19:56) But every road leads to an end

(20:22) Your apparition passes through me in the willows. Five red hens -- you'll never see us again


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