Renee Dversdal On Ultrasound & The Future


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“We are incredibly passionate about it because we think it’s the future”

Dr. Renee Dversdal is an Associate Professor of Medicine & Director of Point of Care Ultrasound at Oregon Health & Science University. She is a true expert point of care ultrasound (POCUS) and it was a pleasure to tour her incredible facility and speak with her in person! We get into the incredible power of this technology, the way it impacts relationships with patients, and what the future holds. She also shares how having a passion for a project has been a protective mechanism against burnout.

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Key Learnings

1. Renee’s assessment of scope and scale of point of care ultrasound

2. How POCUS became a subject of tremendous emphasis

3. The ways in which POCUS is being taught, embraced, and amplified

4. Enriching patient interactions through point of care ultrasound

5. Barriers & pushback to POCUS implementation

6. “Lightbulb” moments and amplification of learning

7. How her ultrasound work serves as a burnout protective strategy

8. Renee’s desire to be a “superconnector”


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