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“My approach is to give someone a chance to say Yes”

Dr. Umbereen Nehal is a pediatrican and physician executive. She is also the physician Jedi Master of LinkedIn, having been named a LinkedIn “Top Voice” and “Influencer” She joins us to better understand the opportunities this platform provides, the pitfalls to avoid, and how those in healthcare can effectively leverage LinkedIn to collaborate, learn and build their careers. This is an incredibly high-yield conversation!

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Key Learnings

1. Earning the LinkedIn gold box and being a “Top Voice”

2. Why LinkedIn?

3. The experience of having fun on LinkedIn

4. The experience of interfacing with LinkedIn platform

5. LinkedIn vs Twitter

6. How LinkedIn can be used for career transitions, especially through networking

7. LinkedIn as a recruiting tool and how to use it

8. What are the good manners of using LinkedIn

9. Building and curating your LinkedIn network

10. Resolving the worry that if you’re on LinkedIn, people will think you’re leaving your current job

11. LinkedIn as a tool for sponsoring other people

12. Levels of activity: like, comment, share, and original content (this is awesome)

13. How optics are leveraged on LinkedIn, particularly around disagreements

14. Wherein we bond over our shared experiences at Baylor College of Medicine



Twitter: @usnehal

Umbereen’s LinkedIn Tips

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