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Grace Farris is a Hospitalist, Chief of Division of Hospital Medicine at Mount Sinai West, and an accomplished cartoonist with works featured in Annals of Internal Medicine & Buzzfeed. She joins us to discuss the role cartooning plays in her career, the potential of graphic art as an accelerant to learning, and some serious comics discussion. A unique conversation with an incredibly talented physician!

Key Learnings

  1. Unpacking a Calvin & Hobbes essay that freaked your host out
  2. Origins of the evergreen comics Dr. Farris creates
  3. Parenting as a stimulus for her work
  4. The colchicine experience and creating a comic around it
  5. Are cartoons more impactful than editorial articles?
  6. The power of her pen to shape characters, events and ambiance
  7. The topics and characters she is creating and how she feels towards them
  8. The comics that influenced Dr. Farris throughout her life
  9. Reflecting on her superb series about handing off patients to a colleague
  10. What type of feedback she has received
  11. Cartooning as an educational tool, especially in medicine
  12. The coolest journal in medicine is coming
  13. Art as an accelerant to learning in medicine

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