Exploring the Marketplace with Shawn Bolz and Bob Hasson Welcomes Nurse Practitioner, Katrina McAlexander (S1: Ep 30)


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Today on Exploring the Marketplace, Shawn Bolz & Bob Hasson interview Nurse Practitioner, Katrina McAlexander. Katrina has a Child Psychology Bachelors of Science degree, a Bachelor’s of Science and Masters Degree in nursing. She farms a diversity of crops on her farm w eaving farming, fermentation and hospitality is her mission. Katrina has a huge passion for social justice and she believes everyone's story is not over yet and in beautiful redemption e ndings. Tune in as Shawn, Bob & Katrina shares how she has managed to stay in joy when launching new projects and how her dream as a little girl to own her parents' farm became a reality. Hear Katrina's incredible process and how it is all steeped in her relationship with God and how her epic philosophy of "it's a green light until it's a red light" has created a space to trust in God for everything.

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