Exploring the Prophetic with Jeremy Butrous (S:4 - Ep 12)


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Today on Exploring the Prophetic, Shawn Bolz interviews Jeremy Butrous. After graduating from Bethel School of Ministry, Jeremy has been working with itinerant ministers, speakers, and churches for the last decade. He has had the privilege to work with both profits and nonprofits, supporting their product development and strategic growth. Jeremy runs all things Bolz Ministries, he has a passion for writing, and has authored over a dozen books including, “Ways of Prosperity'' and “Transcending Mindsets”. Tune in as Shawn and Jeremy discuss the time he became hungry for hearing and connecting to God’s voice, the revelation moment in his life that grew his capacity to relate to God in a new way and the amazing hinge moments in his own life that have brought about marking transformation. Jeremy shares some hinge moments in scripture that can change and shift us into something new! Don’t miss it!

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