Joshua P. Warren Does The "Time Warp" At Area 51!


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Join Exploring the Bizarre ( hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz as they welcome their old friend and top notch paranormal personality JOSHUA P WARREN as they discuss Josh's "time warp" experience outside Rachel, NV , as described in the just released "Area 51 Warning Keep Out!" book now up on Amazon. Headquartered in Vegas, Warren has kept abreast of UFO activity in the neighborhood describing the new tick tack videos of weird unknowns over the city. Interested folks may go to and scroll down to his Curiosity Shop to take a look. On the show's hour PAUL DALE ROBERTS hooks up with us to talk about his experiences along the Extraterrestrial Highway. The well known ghost hunter is not afraid to encounter spooks or aliens. Its one huge tail gate party all over the place celebrating back engineered technology, aliens and strange aerial craft. If you can't join the celebration turn up the volume and spend the evening with us as we challenge the authorities to tell us the truth. Free newsletter for unfair and unbalanced news.

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