Episode 175 — The Abyss Stares Back


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Ben and James discuss the NBA and Apple in China and the long-term implications of doing business with authoritarian governments.


  • Ben Thompson: The China Cultural Clash — Stratechery
  • r/HongKong: List Of Companies Under China’s Censorship Orders (So Far). Credit To U/Lebe — Reddit
  • Sam Dastyari Quits As Labor Senator Over China Connections — The Guardian
  • Rejected three times due to fear of Beijing, controversial book on China’s secret influence will finally be published — Business Insider
  • Ethan Strauss: Can Steve Kerr and the NBA do better on China? — The Athletic
  • Ben Thompson: Apple Pulls Hong Kong App, Tim Cook’s Memo, Honesty and Control — Stratechery
  • A message about iOS security — Apple
  • Ben Thompson: Apple Versus Project Zero, Apple’s Poor Response, The China Paradox — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Privacy Fundamentalism — Stratechery


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