Episode 24 - Housing as Healthcare - Adobe Homes with Jim Hallock and Lisa Morey


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Lisa Morey is a professional engineer and architectural designer who has been working in the construction industry since 2000. Lisa started building with adobe bricks while living and working in New Zealand in the early 2000s. There she was involved in a design build firm that constructed nearly 50 homes. From this work, Lisa published a book, "Adobe Homes for All Climates" in 2010. Lisa's mission is to scale the natural building industry in Colorado by offering an affordable wall system made from locally obtained material. Lisa was recently recognized as a woman making contributions to reduce carbon emissions within the building sector.
Jim Hallock is the founder and president of Earth Block International. In the early to mid 80s and 90s, he was involved with the rehabilitation of distressed properties, real estate development, and acquisition. During that era, he came to learn the truth of conventional building materials. He attended seminars on various green systems and found the answer beneath his feet. Jim leased an earth block machine and completed the build of their home. In 1995, he founded the Earth Block Inc, and for 10 years built many homes of earth in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. Recently he is proud to have spent the better part of two years co-founding Colorado Earth with Lisa Morey. He now continues his earthern building career through Earth Block Texas, and Earth Block International. Lisa carries on as the sole owner of Colorado Earth. Lisa and Jim continue to collaborate on various projects and look forward to continuing to support each other in their mutual missions. They both believe that Earth has the answers.
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