Paul Reiffer - Phase One, Instawrecking, and Landscape Photography Icons


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Welcome to Episode 137 of the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast. This week's episode features a landscape photographer from the United Kingdom, Paul Reiffer. Paul uses Phase One digital backs as his camera of choice and produces some absolutely stunning work. I was first drawn to Paul through a blog post he wrote this summer entitled "Photographers, Instagrammers - Stop Being So Damn Selfish and Disrespectful."Paul and I had a wonderful conversation and explored several interesting topics this week, including:

  • Why and how Paul got into photographing with Phase One medium format cameras.
  • Paul's journey into photography from the corporate world.
  • His article on how photographers are trashing locations; Nature First Photography.
  • Social comparison theory.
  • Why Paul takes photos and his take on compositing.
  • Paul's take on iconic locations.
  • and a lot more...

Over on Patreon this week, Paul explains why he uses Capture One as his RAW editor of choice.

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