Eli the Prophet: Night School West, 19 September 2019


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The Night School is an adventurous exercise of greater depth and reflectivity than is normal for most people. For each of these gatherings, we welcome a profound thinker, explorer, philosopher, painter, poet, theologian or mystic from the ancient or nearer past. For example, we may invite Aristotle (4th century BCE) to attend, and through some short and penetrating texts from his writings to give us his best thoughts on friendship. This monthly habit offered by the Faber Institute is meant to be enjoyable, startling at times (surprised by the wisdom we have available to us if we know how to read such authors), and to be an experience of deep thought skillfully invited and engagingly presented.

For Session I of Series VI, Geordie Ziegler introduces Eli the Final Prophet of Shiloh and the topic of living in the "in-between."

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