Hell or High Seas: Adventure Therapy for U.S. Military Veterans


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Hell or High Seas (2021) follows U.S. Navy veteran Taylor Grieger and writer Stephen O’Shea on their two-year adventure sailing around Cape Horn, in some of the world’s most treacherous waters. The purpose of this extreme journey was to raise awareness about PTSD and the challenges facing veterans as they return to civilian life.

Taylor Grieger, director Glenn Holsten and producer Chayne Gregg join us to share the incredible story of how two high school buddies embarked on a journey to help veterans with PTSD—in the process helping Taylor to find healing himself.

Taylor, Glenn and Chayne discuss how the adventure became a film and how Taylor and Stephen managed to get such amazing footage even with minimal filming experience, while facing up to the challenges of shooting in such dangerous conditions. We discuss Taylor's experience with PTSD, how it affects military veterans and what can be done to help PTSD sufferers recover.

“There’s no performance here. It’s just their daily life together on this boat.” - Glenn Holsten

Watch the interview at https://www.alamopictures.co.uk/podcast/hell-or-high-seas/

Time Stamps: 00:00 - The trailer for Hell or High Seas.04:04 - What the film is about.05:24 - Why Taylor Grieger set himself such an extreme challenge.06:31 - How they got the idea to sail around Cape Horn.07:40 - How Chayne and Glenn got involved with the production.11:14 - How Taylor got quality footage without having any prior filming experience.16:50 - Glenn’s experience in creating films around mental health.18:59 - What PTSD is and how it affects you on a physiological level. 21:54 – Taylor’s advice for family members of people who suffer from PTSD.24:45 - The possibility of recovery from PTSD and how this can be achieved.28:12 - How people have responded to the film's screenings.31:22 - The work Britain is doing to help its veterans after combat.37:19 - How people can help raise awareness about veterans' struggles with PTSD. 39:51 - The next projects Glenn is working on.42:15 - What Taylor's goals are now. Resources:

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