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We're back this week, chatting a little bit about Drake and his epic comeback, the tragedy in Florida, and a bit about the NBA All-Star weekend. In this episode in particular, we mean it when we say we appreciate your support and feedback, we know this talk got a bit heavy, and we know we probably said something you disagree with, but we really truly do invite you to share your thoughts with us. Obviously what happened in Florida is a tragedy and there are no easy ways to talk about it, but regardless of that, talking about it is exactly what needs to get done. We hope that by rambling and stumbling through something like this, while exploring our own thoughts and opinions on the matter, we give you some confidence to sit down and talk with the people around you about what we can do about something like this. We hope you all are safe, and we love you guys. Peace. Enjoying the show? Follow us on social media: twitter.com/PodcastFI www.instagram.com/factuallyincorrect www.facebook.com/FactuallyIncorrect www.patreon.com/FactuallyIncorrectPodcast

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