Episode 88. Cult Classic: The Howling (1981)


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We’re *virtually* live from Salem Horror Fest this year and we’re talking about sexy werewolves and not-so-sexy wellness with Joe Dante’s The Howling. From cultish retreats to women in media, Alex and Andrea go to the darkest reaches of the p0rn theatre…
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The Howling. Dir. Joe Dante, 1981.


Feminist Critique of Freud. A summary of how Freud is less than friendly to women. It the privilege we envy, not the penis!
The Human Potential Movement Gone Awry. A look at how one wellness movement became co-opted.
Self Help Inc. Micki McGee’s book about how self-help became a cultural movement.
Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers. Sady Doyle’s book on the construct of woman as monster.
Haunted. Leo Braudy’s book on supernatural elements in the natural world told from an accessibly academic standpoint.


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